Admission at Son Shine Day Care Center is an ongoing process and we accept applications year round. Acceptance into our program is only limited by space availability and completion of all necessary paperwork. Care is provided on a priority basis to meet full time childcare needs. Part-time care may be available for no less than 3 days per week. Waiting lists are routinely updated, checked, and revised to assist parents in placement of their child/children.

An on-site orientation visit is mandatory for both parent/guardian and child prior to enrollment. The length of the visit may vary depending upon the needs of the child and time restraints of the parent/guardian. The Director may be contacted to schedule a time that is best for all parties.

Admission is complete with the following steps being taken:

1.         Interview/Tour with Director
 2.        Completed Application Form and $75.00 Application fee
 3.        Current Medical/Immunization Form from the child’s doctor
 4.        Day Care Tuition Contract signed and returned
 5.        Emergency Contact / Parental Consent form
 6.        Two week’s tuition payment is received in advance of service