Parents are expected to:

  • accompany their child into the classroom to sign him or her in for the day, 
  • assist their child with removing outer clothing, making sure that the child is comfortably settled into the classroom, and is under the care of a teacher before leaving. 
  • Please take time to verbally communicate any pertinent information about the child’s well being to the teacher in charge and please remember to say “Goodbye”. 

If your child will not be attending on a scheduled day, please call the Center by 9:00 AM.

No drop-offs after 11:00 AM.

Saying “Goodbye”- The Four B’s

Be aware of your own feelings! Try not to pass your anxieties on to your child.

Be firm! “Goodbye, I’m leaving now. I love you.” Try not to say, “Is it OK if I leave now?”

Be Specific! Young children have a hazy sense of time. “I’ll see you right after snack” is better then “I’ll see you later”.

Be There! If you are going to be late or if someone else will be picking your child up, be sure to let your child know.

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